The following articles were written by Joanne and published in Capital Region Living Magazine.


A garden of fragrant English Roses

Throughout history, gardeners have been passionate about roses. Their dream of bountiful roses cascading over fences and arbors led them to purchase roses that they had no idea how to grow and/or ones that were ill-suited to their area. 


Rise and shine!

When the 10-day forecast shows that night-time temperatures are going to be above 34 degrees, it’s time to grab your coffee, go outside and wake up your roses!


Life is As I See It

A Rose Never Smelled So Sweet As David Austin Roses - at Rosewood Gardens

There are posts that require a lot of words - stories, history, description and detail, and then there are others that require none. (or very little)  Today's post is the latter, a place so beautiful that the only thing required is a lot of looking followed by some sighing and maybe a little longing and envy. Come along with me as I take you on a trip to Rosewood Gardens in West Charlton, NY.

Life is As I See It

Stop & Smell the Roses (Rosewood Gardens, West Charlton NY)

Have you ever heard a saying over and over and never really considered where it came from? Certainly you've all heard this saying, "Stop and Smell the Roses", and if you're like me what comes to mind is the message that the saying seems to be implying. This sentiment urges us to take a moment out of our busy lives and stop....not necessarily to actually smell roses, although a pleasant thing to do, but to pause ....for any number of things. We could pause and be grateful; we could pause and take notice of our lives, we could pause and relax. Any of these would be beneficial for sure, yet today in this blog I am suggesting you do precisely as the quote says - Stop and Smell the Roses!!

Perennially Yours


Rosewood Gardens, located at 2309 Route 67 in West Charlton (NY), is a stunning replica of dreamy English gardens seen in magazines. Joanne Strevy, owner and master grower and designer, has a gift for creating gorgeous English gardens and sharing her passion with others. She started this unique nursery at her beautiful home in 2009 and it has blossomed.

Perennially Yours


You don’t have to travel to England to experience heavenly rose gardens. Joanne Strevy has created a mini paradise in West Charlton, NY. Joanne opened Rosewood Gardens last month, a delightful field grown and container nursery. She specializes in roses and cottage perennials.