Rosewood Gardens is a Boutique Rose Nursery with the Largest Selection of English Roses in the Capital District.

Hours By Appointment

Call Rosewood Gardens to make an appointment to come and select your new English Roses, and Delphiniums, to visit our gardens, or to schedule a Garden Consultation. (518)275-1800

We are available on an appointment basis year round. 



SPEAKING Engagements

Do you want a colorful PowerPoint presentation given by a passionate, and energetic speaker? Joanne Strevy is an expert on growing David Austin English Roses, and has a warm and approachable presentation style! Her goal is to educate and inspire gardeners, and give them the knowledge and confidence they need to successfully grow fragrant English Roses! Joanne is available to speak at Garden Shows, seminars, and Garden Club meetings. For inquiries, call (518) 275-1800. Topics Include: -Anyone Can Grow English Roses! -Designing A Glorious Garden! -Sense and Sensibilities: Simple to Grow Roses For the Beginning Gardener! -Rise and Shine! Waking Up Your Roses! -Winterizing Your Roses! -Getting Your Roses Through the Seasons!

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Garden Design & Consultations

David Austin English Rose Gardens are stunning! A beautiful garden provides a quiet place to go each day where you can relax and let your cares slip away. Whether you have one rose or one hundred, Joanne Strevy will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to become successful in gardening with English Roses! Take advantage of the opportunity to have the leading expert on David Austin Roses in the Northeast personally come to your home and design a new garden for you! Or, she can give you a new perspective and ideas on how to freshen up your existing garden! Schedule an appointment with Joanne by calling (518) 275-1800. You will enjoy the results for years to come!

English Rose Sales

We have the largest selection of David Austin English Roses in the Northeast! English Roses are a cross between old-fashioned and modern roses. They have the exquisite flower form, the hardiness, and the disease resistance of the older varieties, along with the wider color range of the modern floribundas and hybrid tea roses. They are bred to have an attractive bushy shape, and to bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season. Most importantly, they are fragrant! Our roses are 2-3 year old plants potted in David Austin's signature 5 gallon pots!

Price: $45 each (plus tax)

We do not ship roses.

She has a gift for creating gorgeous English gardens and sharing her passion with others
— Kerry Mendez (Perennially Yours)

Important: It should be noted that David Austin recommends planting in groups of 3-5 roses of the same variety. This creates the large, sumptuous rose bushes that gardeners desire, and is especially true here because of the short growing season in the Northeast. For smaller gardens, 2 or 3 of a single variety works well. (We find that our customers are more satisfied with the result when they follow this suggestion, rather than when they are when buying a single rose.)