Founded by Joanne Strevy in 2008, Rosewood Gardens has the largest selection of David Austin English Roses in the Northeastern United States.

 Joanne Strevy

 Joanne Strevy

Paul and Joanne Strevy are the owners of Rosewood Gardens, located in West Charlton, NY.  They have been gardening for 25 years. Joanne handles plants and design, and Paul handles the maintenance of the grounds and hardscaping. They welcome visitors to their gardens during normal business days, or by appointment.  

Joanne tries to squeeze in as much garden time as possible in the Zone 4 growing season in upstate New York. When a friend introduced her to David Austin English Roses, she promptly fell in love with the form, fragrance, and frequent blooming habit of these outstanding roses!  

She began growing them herself, and loved them so much that three years later, a garden dedicated to David Austin English roses was designed and planted. Joanne, a Master Gardener, wants to help other gardeners to grow these roses in their own gardens so that they will be able to share the tremendous enjoyment that tending an English rose garden brings to her.

Paul and Joanne decided to start a home based perennial nursery because they wanted to introduce David Austin English Roses to fellow gardeners.

Rosewood Gardens now specializes in, and exclusively sells, potted David Austin English Roses! They are a registered David Austin English Rose retailer, and carry the largest variety of English Roses in the Capital District. Joanne is available for garden consultations and speaking engagements throughout the year. 


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